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Machining center programming

Machining center setup and operation

Machining center programming, setup, and operation

Turning center programming

Turning center setup and operation

Turning center programming, setup, and operation

Advanced techniques with basic features

Parametric programming for CNC machining and turning centers

Getting more from your CNC machines

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On-Line Classes or CD-Rom Courses
What's the difference?

Much of the same content is presented in both of these training media, though the CD-rom courses tend to be a little more comprehensive than the on-line classes. Here are the most important differences:

Topic range

The machining center and turning center CD-rom course cover all three tasks a student must master (programming, setup, and operation) in one course. With the on-line classes, we cover programming in a separate course from setup and operation.


CD-rom courses include a hard copy of your manual. With our on-line classes, you print the manual
as you go through the course.


With CD-rom courses, you receive an answer book and check your own answers. With our on-line classes your instructor provides grades and comments for each exercise and assignment.

Frequency of use

The CD-rom courses can be used multiple times to train several people. With the on-line classes each student must register separately.