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CNC Training Products:

Self-Study Products For CNC:

On-Line CNC Classes -
These on-going, self-paced, and affordable courses provide a great training value. And you'll get personalized assistance from Mike Lynch. Enroll and start your class today!
CD-rom Courses -
This series of interactive, self-study courses is our most popular and cost-effective training alternative. We've priced these courses so that individuals can afford them - and companies should have no problem justifying their purchase!
Mini-Vids -
Like CD-rom courses, but shorter, covering important topics of CNC.
Quick-Study Guides -
Learn how to program CNC mills and lathes in a very visual manner!  These guides include a 30-day license for NCPlot to check your work!
Books and Publications -
Our collection of books and publications provides timely information about CNC. Written by Mike Lynch, they offer a wealth of CNC information on a wide variety of subjects.

Products For CNC Instructors:

FANUC Certified Education CNC Training Curriculum -
Here's the curriculum you'll be using if your school is to be FANUC-certified.
On line content to help you teach CNC Courses -
All content for all of our classes is now available on line.  You can now eliminate the need for students to buy manuals and workbooks!
CNC Curriculums for CNC Courses -
Each of these curriculums comes with everything you need to teach your own live CNC courses with our proven instruction methods. They include student manuals, workbooks, instructor's manuals, audio guidance, answers to exercises, final test and answers - even a complete series of PowerPoint slide show presentations (over 3,000 slides per curriculum) that provide the visuals for your presentations! About half the technical schools listed on our schools page are using these curriculums to teach their CNC courses. And these curriculums are FREE with your initial order of student materials!


NCGuide Academic (one-year license)
FANUC control software running on a personal computer.
ME Consultant Pro -
Affordable time and cost estimating software for CNC machining centers.
NCPlot -
Tool path plotting for CNC programs and custom macro B programs.
StickFont & StickFont Editor -
CNC engraving software - very affordable!
Fixture Offset Calculator -
Great tool to generate G10 commands.  Saves time, effort, and money.
Thread Milling G-Code Generator -
The only thread milling program you will ever need!

CNC Performance Enhancement Products

Helpful Tools -
These accessories help you reduce setup & cycle time, improve quality, shorten programs, or in some other way improve the utilization of your CNC machine tools.