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CD-rom Course:

Parametric Programming For CNC Machining Centers And Turning Centers

Nine hours, thirty minutes of presentation on three CD-rom disks!

Parametric programming CD-rom course
3 CD-rom disks, 240 page manual, and 67 page workbook (answer book not shown)

Learn Fanuc's custom macro B, Okuma's user task 2, and Fadal's macro -- all from one course!

We've always said that parametric programming is one of CNC's best kept secrets. While more and more people are becoming familiar with this powerful programming tool, there are still many in the industry that don't even know what it is, let alone how to take advantage of its many features. At the very least, all CNC people should know the applications for parametric programming. Better yet, they should be able to apply this powerful tool to reduce setup time and cycle time, facilitate CNC machine utilization, make programming easier, and in general, make their CNC machines easier to work with!

In this comprehensive course, you'll learn what parametric programming is, it's five application categories, its features, and how to apply it. An ample supply of examples is given for all application categories.


  • Introduction to parametric programming (30 min)
  • Variable techniques (2 hrs, 36 min)
  • Arithmetic capabilities (1hr, 4 min)
  • Logic and program flow control (1 hr, 33 min)
  • Generating loops (48 min)
  • System variables (1 hr, 44 min)
  • Other CNC features of parametric programming (55 min)
  • Approaching and verifying parametric programs (22 min)

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Instruction methods:

While we assume you have a good understanding of standard G-code-level manual programming as you begin this course, we assume nothing about your current knowledge about parametric programming. So when it comes to parametric programming, we start from scratch. While an elementary understanding of computer programming helps, we don't assume you have computer programming experience.

This course covers three very popular versions of parametric programming. Fanuc's custom macro B is by far the most popular version, and is the version of parametric programming being used by any control manufacturer claiming to be Fanuc-compatible (Yasnac, Haas, Mitsubishi, Mazatrol's eia, Seikos, among others). But even if you don't have Fanuc controls, this course also includes presentations for Okuma's user task 2 and Fadal's macro. Over 80% of CNC machines used today are covered by this course! Due to the interactive nature of computer based training, you can easily view just the presentations you're interested in and skip those you're not.

All presentations are applications based. Each step of the way, we show real-world applications that you can easily adapt to your specific needs. There are plenty of examples and we stress the reasons why features are available as well as how they can help you (compare this your control manufacturer's descriptions in their programming manual).

Course Includes:

  • Presented by Mike Lynch
  • Courseware on3 CD ROM disks
  • 8 lessons totaling 9.5 hours of presentation
  • All computer generated graphics and animations
  • Presented in Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Easy navigation
  • 240 pg student manual
  • Workbook containing eight exercises and sixteen programming activities
  • Answer book
  • Free access to The Optional Stop newsletter
  • Free phone assistance
Start-up page:
Parametric programming startup page

Why Microsoft PowerPoint?

All presentations have been developed using Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows 95/98, which is fast becoming the industry standard for computer generated presentations. We use the freely distributed PowerPoint Viewer to display all presentations. PowerPoint Viewer is included.

System requirements: You must have a multimedia computer with Windows 95 or above and a minimum of 64 megs of internal memory to run the courseware.



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CDR-PP ~ Parametric programming CD-rom course ~ $399.00
CC-PP-M ~ Extra manual for above ~ $70.00
CC-PP-W ~ Extra workbook for above ~ $24.95
CC-PP-A ~ Extra answer book for above ~ $24.95



CDR-PP ~ Parametric programming CD-rom course ~ $399.00 ~ [ADD TO CART ]

CC-PP-M ~ Extra manual for above ~ $70.00 ~ [ ADD TO CART ]

CC-PP-W ~ Extra workbook for above ~ $24.95 ~ [ ADD TO CART ]

CC-PP-A ~ Extra answer book for above ~ $24.95 ~ [ADD TO CART ]

Multiple course discount: We offer a substantial discount for each additional (identical) course purchased. First course $399.00 (full price). Each additional Parametric Programming course: $195.00. Each additional course includes the CDs, an extra manual, and an extra workbook (no extra answer book is included with multiple orders since but one person can check checking answers). If you order five courses of the same title, for example, the total price will be $1,179.00 and will include five CDs, five manuals, five workbooks, and ONE answer book.



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