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FANUC Certified CNC Training


FANUC Certified CNC Training

Instructor Knowledge Page - Information and Updates

Here are a series of Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files that provide more information for instructors currently teaching with FANUC Certified CNC Training curriculums - and for instructors who are considering FANUC Certification for their schools.

1/21/16 - Method Change to Reply to a Student's On-Line Test Submission

Until recently, a student's name and email address would appear in the "Sender" register of test submission emails, and you could simply reply by clicking the "Reply" button in your email system. Since this is a common spammer's technique (using unregistered email addresses as senders), our eLearning system supplier stopped this practice because many test submission emails were getting blocked as spam.

Now, "Test results" appear in the sender column, and if you click the Reply button, results@ispringmail.com appears as the recipient (and the student will not receive your reply). You must open the email in order to find the sender's name and email address. 

Test results

To reply to the student (and keep the test results body), first copy the test submitter's email address, click the Reply button, and replace the default recipient (again, results@ispringmail.com), with the copied email address, and click the send button. This ensures that the student will receive your reply.

10/18/16 - Mistake in Turning Center Workbook

There is a mistake on page 74 of the workbook for the turning center curriculum. The drawing shown is for a different programming activity. If you have a workbook with the incorrect page 74, you can download the correct one below.

Curriculum Highlights and Product Codes

A brief summary of FANUC Certified CNC Training Curriculums - and the product codes used to order.

New Instructor Curriculum Process

If you have decided to become FANUC Certified, or even if you are just thinking about it, this document will show you the process to get started with FANUC Certified Curriculum - from your initial order and getting setup in our eLearning system - through conducting your first class.

Once You Begin

So you have become FANUC Certified - Congratulations! Here are some documents that you should find helpful.